3D printing demonstration

Our booth is flexible.

The bare minimum required is a 60x60cm table for the printer and a socket. Please note that temperature plays a key role and that as of 25°C printing becomes challenging.

A second table enable displaying pre-printed pieces, which is handy considering the time required for printing. We can display either pieces that we would have designed specially for you or our classical ones.

Our representative will joyfully explain to your visitors the how and about of chocolate 3D printings. That being said, our little secrets will remain so 😉

Depending on your needs, your budget and the available place, we can come with more printers and other representative to, for example, design and print small pieces(40x40x5mm printed in about 10 minutes) on the spot!

Our base package requires one of our representative on the 3D chocolate printing booth to:

  • present our 3D chocolate printer
  • live print different shapes
  • display pre-printed 3D pieces to illustrate the possibilities
  • Q&A with visitors