Chocolate offering

La MIAM Factory provides services of chocolate personnalisation. Chocolates are 3D printed with a food-grade 3D printer of our own making.

La MIAM proposes 3 standard products:

Small logo"Standard" logoWord / Firstname
Flexible and transparent packagingCardboard box with transparent lidTransparent box with cardboard background
Max 40x20x4mmMax 55x55x12mm12 characters max
-60x60x4mm white chocolate plate147x47x4mm white chocolate plate
3.50€ VAT excl.12.50€ VAT excl.25.00€ VAT excl.

La MIAM also realises more complex shapes according to your requirements. Don’t worry, we will create a 3D model if you don’t have one already. And if you have one, don’t be surprised as we will have to adapt it to the specific constraints of chocolate printing. Maximum size for such piece is 200x200x200mm. Price per item depends on design work and printing time.