La Miam Factory has developped its own 3D printer that fulfills the food regulations and gives access to various shapes made of different food materials, including chocolate. This offer benefits from the research done in the Smart Gastronomy Lab.

Today, the use of chocolate as the food matrix leads to the obtention of innovative shapes that cannot be achieved by conventional techniques used in chocolate manufacturing (such as molding). The chocolate employed is free of additives, can be of different nature (white, blond, milk, dark), and can be provided of various brands. The chocolate we employ is in fact strictly the same as the one you use for your pastries.

The advantages of using a 3D chocolate printer are numerous:

  • obtention of innovative shapes, unachievable
  • useful for small productions
  • fast prototyping

You will find here below some examples of what is feasable, and our photo album can be found on our Facebook page.




Since the final product if fully personnalized, the price offer is influenced by many factors. We will consequently be grateful to indicate us the following details :

  • the desired shape (on the basis of a photo, a picture, or even a 3D file)
  • the approximative size desired (in the 3 directions, +/- 3 cm)
  • the number of items you want (production starts from 1 item)
  • the nature of the chocolate: dark, milk, white, blond, colored chocolate
  • in bulk or in box (we will propose you various packagings)
  • your deadline for the delivery of the prints
  • the delivery adress (knowing that due to the fragility of some prints, shipment may be tricky), or the best being to pick up the prints in our factory

According to its volume, you have to know that you have to place your order at least 3 weeks in advance.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page, and we will discuss your project.

Families of 3D chocolate prints

The 3D prints can be divided into 2 families :
– « 2D+ » prints : the shape in 2 dimensions is extruded vertically in the 3rd direction
– « 3D » prints : the shape includes curves and holes

2D+ Prints

3D Prints